Most Famous Gospel Songs

That night when you lay in bed, staring up at the dark ceiling, and without warning, you begin to hear the faintest of music. The guitars, then the harmony, and soon the angels being to sing. The makings of gospel is born as you begin to sing. You launch from your bed and grab your guitar, turn on the light, and let the angels guide your hand as you bring life back to the angelic tones, and precious words that would touch the emotions, and the hearts of all blessed to hear its glory.

Gospel has been a famous form of music throughout history and from the beginning, it started its climb and to this day only continues to rise as more become touched by the words placed on us by angels.

It is no secret this is the gifts God and all his angels had given you, and when we take the time look back, you see you are not alone. Throughout history, the artists have continued to be gifted with the skills to provide the beautiful harmony’s of the angels to the blessed world.

Some of the most famous artists that have set the path of the genre know as gospel. The word gospel means good news, and I certainly have that for you. Check out these amazing individuals that shaped what we come to love today.

Music like,

– Tramp Tramp Tramp, The Prisoners Hope by George F. Root

– Philip P. Bliss, Book of songs. His wrote a collection of songs that have gone down in history as one of the great legacies behind the genre. Some of his works are The Song Tree, which is a collection of parlor and concert music, The sunshine for school days, as well as The Joy For Conventions and for church choir music. That is not all. This man holds a valuable part of the legacy within the pages of his book.

– Charles H. Gabriel, A passionate composer with a strong grip on his place forever among the greats in this amazing genre. He did works such as Send me the Light, Homeward, Calling the Prodigal, I Will Not Forget Thee, There is Glory In my Soul, Let the sunshine in, and many many more.

– William Howard Doane, A writer of roughly 1,500 of Franny Crosby’s poem, and forever remembered as one of the greats that too helped in establishing this amazing genre.

– Franny Crosby, yes the woman herself, the one to bring the works of William Howard Doane off the pages and into the hearts of the many so blessed to hear the very music that set the tone for what we come to cherish today. This woman wrote over 8,000 hymns and gospel songs and over one hundred copies printed. This amazing woman had yet to allow her struggles of blindness keep her from the pages of what we see today as the greatest music to ever pass by our ears, and it was these individuals that set the pace. They now sing today with the angels that once shined down over them, gifting them with the blessings of their harmony and amazing music.

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