Brief History of Gospel

To be able to perform gospel music requires a diverse mindset as well as a vocally expressive approach. It is certainly considered to be a sound of great distinction, energy and magnificence. Enjoy listening to Andrae Crouch and Mahalia Jackson, two of the gospel greats, to appreciate genuine gospel songs.


Gospel music dates way back to the 17th century. It only emerged in all its reverence during the middle of the 19th century.


African slaves within the southern American states ended up being illiterate and were in fact not allowed to become literate. The tyrannized Africans had to attend worship with their masters. These worship services were the best way for the overlords to keep track of the slaves and were utilized to strengthen the servitude of the slaves through indoctrination.


The slaves therefore ended up being educated in the Christian belief by way of hymns and holy songs being repeated over and over again to them. The master would likely sing out a collection of words or phrases from a song and then the slaves would have to replicate them. The whole congregation would then sing the chorus.


These types of spirituals were basic recurring lyrics. Considering the circumstances, they were sung with a surprising amount of sentiment.


Conventional hymns, though wonderful, ended up being complicated with multi-verses and were definitely not repetitive. These types of songs were considered to be to complex for the simple slaves and the masters believed that there was no way they could sing them. Hymns were sung with a minimal amount of feelings and were considered to be unsuitable.


After opera, gospel is actually regarded as the next most challenging style of music to perform.


For you to sing gospel, you should be calm, comfortable and willing to have some fun. The actual vocal methods cannot be overlooked. Strong breath support should be applied because a highly effective style and voice is necessary.


The actual lyrics of the song explain the story and should be presented in a very believable way. The phrasing for gospel songs is lengthy, spectacular and intensely emotive, so developing and managing your breath is essential.


A good way to begin working on your breath managements is to work the Fontanelli exercise. Stand up straight. Slowly and gradually breathe in through your mouth to the count of 4. Your mid-section needs to be thoroughly extended.


Little by little exhale to the count of 4, taking care to keep the mid-section expanded. Breathe out totally maintaining the mid-section expansion. Increase the count number to 5 and then 6. When you have reached 7 or 8 counts, add a 4 count hold period, then a 5 and so on.


Messa di voce, Italian for ‘placement of voice’, is a great vocal workout for your dynamics. Take in a huge, well-support breath and sing out a comfortable mid-range pitch. Maintain this pitch, progressively getting louder and louder and then softer and softer.


Focusing on expression means understanding and mastering the text of the song. Begin by reading the lyrics out loud, like you would a poem. Make sure you use the same expression and then try to sing the same lyrics.


Researching and understanding some of the great gospel singers with an online video media, perhaps YouTube, will highlight the importance associated with expression.


Singing gospel is dependent on the words. They should be presented in a very distinct and brief way, using the proper amount of sentiment. Keep in mind that this form of singing was intended for those folks who could not read.


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Most Influential Gospel Songs of All Time

In any genre of music, there are specific individuals that are considered the pioneers or those who transcend a musical generation. Gospel music is no different. With its origins deeply rooted in the early 1900’s based on Christian lyrics and backed by American early music styles such as bluegrass, it has its own history of transcendent is clear that Some of the most influential gospel singers came from religious backgrounds. At one point or another, these Most influential gospel singers had moved on to other types of genres during the duration of their musical careers but they all began with gospel music and have made their mark in the genre. Beneath is an overview of some of the most influential gospel singers of the all-time.


  1. Sam Cooke


Sam Cooke is considered by many as one the pioneers of gospel music. Known for his particular vocals, he turned into the lead artist for the gospel amass, the Soul Stirrers, amid the 1950s. With Cooke on lead vocals, the gathering picked up standard conspicuousness and produced many hit tunes amid their time. It’s fascinating to note that the Soul Stirrers’ were drafted Rock n’ Roll Hall of Fame for having contributed to the development of Rock n’ Roll. He is known as the main African-American pop icon after he made his performance debut in the common music scene and was additionally the primary African-American to ever claim his own particular recording organization. Lamentably, his ascent to fame was stopped when he was shot to death at 33 years old


  1. Mahalia Jackson


The bait of standard fame has dependably been difficult to stand up to. Many gospel music most persuasive artists, past and introduce had traversed to mainstream music to advance extend their vocations, but not Mahalia Jackson who is generally viewed as a standout amongst the most powerful gospel artists and the primary Queen of Gospel Music. She was guided by the Father of Gospel Music himself, Thomas A. Dorsey, and theirs was an association that thrived for a long time. She was known for two things: her effective contralto voice and her unfaltering promise not to do common music, a pledge which she kept until her passing.


  1. James D. Vaughan


James D. Vaughan was one of the original pioneers. Born 1864 in Tennessee James was a music teacher, a composer and a songbook publisher. In 1900, he started the James D. Vaughan music publishing company and the Vaughan school of music in 1911 where many gospel performers studied in the coming years. In the year previous 1910, he pioneered the concept of selling songbooks on the road when he assembled the first professional quartet and sent them on the road. Vaughan also founded one of the very first radio stations in Tennessee in 1922 that broadcast Southern Gospel music up until 1930. In addition, he founded Vaughan phonograph records, which is the first recording company in the south. It is easy to see why Vaughan is considered the pioneer of Southern Gospel music and why he was inducted into the southern Gospel music Hall of Fame in 1997.


Final note


The above list of arguably the Most influential gospel singers is a list which could be debated for months which makes it even more interesting, but what is incontrovertible is the profound impact these people have had on not only the music industry but on our culture as well


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Most Famous Gospel Songs

That night when you lay in bed, staring up at the dark ceiling, and without warning, you begin to hear the faintest of music. The guitars, then the harmony, and soon the angels being to sing. The makings of gospel is born as you begin to sing. You launch from your bed and grab your guitar, turn on the light, and let the angels guide your hand as you bring life back to the angelic tones, and precious words that would touch the emotions, and the hearts of all blessed to hear its glory.

Gospel has been a famous form of music throughout history and from the beginning, it started its climb and to this day only continues to rise as more become touched by the words placed on us by angels.

It is no secret this is the gifts God and all his angels had given you, and when we take the time look back, you see you are not alone. Throughout history, the artists have continued to be gifted with the skills to provide the beautiful harmony’s of the angels to the blessed world.

Some of the most famous artists that have set the path of the genre know as gospel. The word gospel means good news, and I certainly have that for you. Check out these amazing individuals that shaped what we come to love today.

Music like,

– Tramp Tramp Tramp, The Prisoners Hope by George F. Root

– Philip P. Bliss, Book of songs. His wrote a collection of songs that have gone down in history as one of the great legacies behind the genre. Some of his works are The Song Tree, which is a collection of parlor and concert music, The sunshine for school days, as well as The Joy For Conventions and for church choir music. That is not all. This man holds a valuable part of the legacy within the pages of his book.

– Charles H. Gabriel, A passionate composer with a strong grip on his place forever among the greats in this amazing genre. He did works such as Send me the Light, Homeward, Calling the Prodigal, I Will Not Forget Thee, There is Glory In my Soul, Let the sunshine in, and many many more.

– William Howard Doane, A writer of roughly 1,500 of Franny Crosby’s poem, and forever remembered as one of the greats that too helped in establishing this amazing genre.

– Franny Crosby, yes the woman herself, the one to bring the works of William Howard Doane off the pages and into the hearts of the many so blessed to hear the very music that set the tone for what we come to cherish today. This woman wrote over 8,000 hymns and gospel songs and over one hundred copies printed. This amazing woman had yet to allow her struggles of blindness keep her from the pages of what we see today as the greatest music to ever pass by our ears, and it was these individuals that set the pace. They now sing today with the angels that once shined down over them, gifting them with the blessings of their harmony and amazing music.

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Special Training for Gospel Singers

Do you dream of singing gospel and harmony? What is the special training needed to be a gospel singer? To know how to sing these, below are some tips that will give information to guide you.


Able to harmonize


Singing can be a difficult skill to master, but harmonizing can be more difficult. Since harmonizing involves synchronizing your voice with the other singer, you need to work hard to sound correct. You can try these exercises, which can help you to learn to harmonize right.


In recognizing harmony, training your ear is the first step. Acknowledging a harmony can be done through listening to a song. Listen carefully to the instruments and melody. Listen to the instruments that are played in harmony with melody. You need to train your ear so as to pick up the sounds since they are not too conspicuous.


Blend your voice with an instrument


After you have distinguished the harmony, you can blend your voice with an instrument. At first, this task can be difficult, thus take a help of a musical instrument such as a piano. Play a note using the piano and blend your voice with it. This is a good exercise in learning the different notes working in harmony.


Continue to practice with another note. Be sure that you record yourself. Listening to your performance is important as well. This helps you in understanding how to sing harmony through choosing a good note to harmonize with.


After you are comfortable with harmonizing, choose a melody from a song and begin to sing two or three notes below and above the melody until you find the harmony.


The last step is putting everything you have learned into practice and do harmonize with another singer as you are recording yourselves. Remember that it takes hard work and diligent practice to get to sing harmony, which is a fulfilling and rewarding experience.


Gospel is kind of music that focuses on the Christian life. How to sing gospel is a more difficult genre to master, but with patience and time, you can sing like those gospel singers of yesteryear. The big issue that singers are branching into gospel music face is that to further their craft they need a lot of hard work.


When you search for methods on how to sing gospel, the most important thing is to ensure that you are focusing on your breathing. Do some vocal exercises, which can help to control your breath. The very reason why the gospel is a challenging music to master is that it is a dramatic style of music and you need to project the lyrics through a great delivery.


Breathing exercises


The breathing exercises you need to do are the ones exerting air from the diaphragm to the stomach. The amount of breath you have here is the proper amount of inspiration required for gospel singing. It is also a good idea to surround yourself with people with same interest who partake in your skill. You can join a gospel choir or group for you to practice often and with people holding an interest in singing gospel songs.


One thing you need to take into consideration to learn singing gospel is to believe and have faith in Christian values. There would not be more point in singing gospel songs without faith. When you are asked how to sing gospel, there are things you need to do. Among these are having faith in the Lord, breathing exercises, and joining a gospel choir. With these three things, you will become successful in singing gospel.






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Gospel Music Vs. Gospel Ministry

There are thousands of artists (Major and Independent) that are not only involved in the Industry of Gospel Music but also the Ministry of Gospel Music. I, like many of you, have one time or another, intertwined the two as one but they are different yet they can come together depending on the vision of the artist. The word “Industry” refers to the production of an economic good or service. It’s important to understand that the Gospel Music industry can involve ministry but ministry is not the focal point. The focal point is the marketing, distributing and selling of products for money. Without money, an industry would fall and that’s why so many artists and some major labels in the past have fallen because of the lack of financial resources due to various reasons. The Gospel Music Industry is comprised of major Corporations, small labels, mom and pop record stores, (which are vastly dying) promoters, media, marketers, publicists, radio personalities and churches. The industry is primarily ruled and influenced by major labels who have the necessary funding to reach the average Gospel Music buyer with their products and services. The labels products are their artists and the products they create (CD’s, DVD’s etc.) and depending on the success of those products other residuals are created such as royalties, merchandise etc.


The Gospel Music Industry does not have to follow any moral or religious code nor do the artists they promote. They concentrate on making music that people want to hear. When major labels sign artists, they look at the talent and marketability of the artist. If lifestyles were a prerequisite to being signed by a label then there would be no labels because most of the artists that we know and love have lifestyles that wouldn’t measure up. There would be no industry. Just think, if you only bought products from corporations and artists with whom you knew were operating by biblical principles, how easy it would be for you to get what you wanted although it would be interesting to know how many corporate executes, who promote Gospel Music, actually know Jesus as their personal Savior. To the Gospel Music Industries credit, many songs, videos, songbooks and award shows have been beneficial to the everyday lives of Christians around the world. Gospel Music would not be where it is today if it weren’t for the Gospel Music Industry but let’s not spiritualize it, folks. It is what it is. I’m in the industry and if I don’t make money, I can’t continue to make records and travel. Major planning and implementation make major artists. Artists don’t do well just because they’re anointed. There are people in our local churches who are anointed and if they had the right business model behind them they would be selling records too.

The Gospel Music Ministry is different. When one is in the ministry of Gospel Music, their primary focus is the salvation and uplifting of souls. Many artists, major or independent, when they step on stage their goal is to Minister God’s music to the waiting audience or congregation. The ministry is not focused on money, although money is needed to survive, the ministering of music is essential to their mission in life. I would venture to say that most Gospel Artists make an attempt to Minister God’s music every time they are offered an opportunity. However, sometimes personal ambition and arrogance get in the way. The Gospel Music Industry and Ministry can walk together if the artist desires it to be so. When you are sold out for God your integrity means more to you than money. You thrive off of ministry and you let the ministry drive your business and not vice versa. I hear some of you saying now, I would prefer ministry over industry well let me tell you that without an Industry you and I would not be exposed to the ministries of most of our wonderful Gospel Artists.


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